Dear Cosplayers who feel like they are not good or that their cosplays suck. 

All of us have to start out somewhere. We all started out at similar origins with cosplay. 

Through hard work we have prevailed and grown. 

Don’t give up ! 

Above shows Three cosplayers. On the Left is one of their very first cosplays. On the right is the cosplay they are the most proud of.

Messages from the cosplayers: 

  • Tskyli :

" My first cosplay was Deidara. Marluxia was my third cosplay but by far one of the worst. The coat was to big and the wig was a hot pink wig from Walmart. This was about 5 years ago that I did this costume. After much hard work I am proud of my Kid Loki cosplay. It has brought so many good memories.

Remember to just have fun ! We all have to start out somewhere! So Just keep at it and you will reach your dreams

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  • Panzer Cosplay
" There we go. My Lavi. Made in 2007. Five years sure goes quick.
Don’t get discouraged because your first project isn’t what you may have pictured in your mind’s eye when starting out. If you aren’t sure what character to do, there is no shame in asking others for suggestions or help.
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  • The Master Of Villainy

Always plan ahead and never leave cosplays to the last minute

The Master Of Villainy on : ║Tumblr

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