Dear Cosplayers who feel like they are not good or that their cosplays suck. 

All of us have to start out somewhere. We all started out at similar origins with cosplay. 

Through hard work we have prevailed and grown. 

Don’t give up ! 

Above shows Three cosplayers. On the Left is one of their very first cosplays. On the right is the cosplay they are the most proud of.

Messages from the cosplayers: 

  • Robin Aster Cosplay :

The Advice I can give is if you want to do a cosplay, do it. Don’t be put down by people telling you, you don’t fit the character or you’re not the right size or have the right looks. You will never know unless you try it out yourself. Don’t push of a dream cosplay away because someone else says you should. Do what you want, make it your own, and you could be great!

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  • Edge Cosplay :

Dont ever let people make you think you’re wrong for having fun in your own personal way.

Or a better piece would probably be

dont ever let people tell you that you cant do something.

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  • PunkyJunky

If you’re a new cosplayer to the world,or seeking advice from other cosplayers,my advice is that to be a good cosplayer,you got to have confidence.The 1st cosplay might not be the best but the more you dedicate yourself then you can only get better.If you’re already a cosplayer seeking advice,my advice that if you want to be better at cosplaying,don’t cosplay characters just because everyone else is cosplaying them.Cosplay characters that you love or can relate to.Nobody will shun you for who you cosplay.

punkyjunky on : ║Deviantart