Dear Cosplayers who feel like they are not good or that their cosplays suck. 

All of us have to start out somewhere. We all started out at similar origins with cosplay. 

Through hard work we have prevailed and grown. 

Don’t give up ! 

Above shows Three cosplayers. On the Left is one of their very first cosplays. On the right is the cosplay they are the most proud of.

Messages from the cosplayers: 

  • Ahiruwbox :

Remember it is CosPLAY. Have fun!!

Ahiruwbox on : ║FacebookDeviantart

  • Cheifychan :

For starting cosplayers all I can say is be as creative as you want and don’t ever hold back

ChiefyChan on : ║FacebookDeviantart

  • Cancerously

" A picture of one of your first cosplays (Roxas)
A cosplay you are the proudest of. (Feferi)
One piece of advice to other cosplayers just starting out: Don’t be afraid to ask for help and buy pieces as you start. Taking apart premade pieces to learn how clothing goes together is amazingly helpful. Also, never pay full price for basic clothing. Plain shirts, pants, and most shoes can be found at Goodwill for MUCH, much cheaper.”

Cancerously on : ║Tumblr